Jeanne d'Arc, truth or myth?

Apr 2014
Liverpool, England
Name me one biography written about her that was actually contemporary .

Contemporary biographies of anyone were thin on the ground at that time. Presumably there are contemporary records, though probably not adequate for producing anything that would now be considered a biography.
Jul 2007
Sir Jasper: I will extend to any contemporary chronicle / record.
Much has been written post rehabilitation trial in an exceedingly glowing manner - and only her court trial documents are the closest thing to contemporary evidence.
Yet nothing before hand ....


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Jan 2017
She was way more than a figurehead , she was an inspiration , led from the front galvanizing the troops who saw in her a good luck charm

the Army was a rabble of really tough customers , skinners for what they did to their victims , Blanchemain Bretons as pitiless a bunch as ever was
mercenaries in summer pillaging bandits during the off seasons with no regard for whom their victims were

the commanders La Hire , Xaintrailles and Dunoi listened to her on the war council
after initial reservation , they saw what she brought to their forces , moral and enthusiasm which was singularly lacking


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Jan 2017
@ Dupuydumazeldan " the habitants collaborate with the British "

call a spade a shovel , there was no British only English and their mercenaries


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Jan 2017
There is a legend than as she was tied up on the pyre , she begged for a cross to hold ,which was refused
until an English bowman made one from two twigs tied by one of his lace
she died holding it
the legend state that the Bowman is the only English granted the mercy to leave hell for one night a year

More importantly the Term French started to appears in legal documents
it is taken as the birth of the national identity


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Dec 2014
Well, I think Jeanne is 20% fact and 80% myth, legend and propaganda. By the way.... the War was not won by Jeanne.... she didn´t take part in the battle of as ghost.... and it was more important France´s 15th Century evolution and Two Roses War in England than the role, whatever it was, played by Jeanne.
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Jan 2017
She certainly created a new military situation
before her the English were invincible
she demonstrated that they were not

England was somewhat overstretched
she might have been only a prick but it was enough to burst the English king continental operations
Patay demonstrated the efficiency of taking the bowmen on the flank before they had set their lines

with the loss of the Burgundian alliance , England simply couldn't afford the war
a generation of French commanders followed on her footsteps
Castillon and the death of john Talbot was the end of the wars
England could only wring their hands in impotence

they had lost everything ,
the rancor and recriminations were in no small part the causes of the war of the roses the way, even as a peasant girl she had a pretty sound grasp of tactic and strategy

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