Jesus born in africa and black era


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Oct 2016
I like the idea !

When do we get to the part when Black Jesus parts the Red Sea to lead the Rastafarian pyramid builders out of Egyptian slavery ?
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Jun 2012
So we have no hard evidence about Jesus or his family but we know the name of the "auxiliary" who potentially impregnated his mother ? How ?
In the 2nd century, Celsus, a Greek philosopher, wrote that Jesus's father was a Roman soldier named "Panther".

Sefer Toledot Yeshu, a Jewish text, suggest the same - that he was the bastard of a Roman named "Panthera". But the dating of the text suggest sometime during the 2nd Century.

Existing Roman records that exist suggest there was a man named "Panther" stationed in the Middle East at the time.
Jan 2016
Dark skinned? Nah

Jesus was most likely caucasian, but not white.

In the Bible it clearly states he was of no outstanding beauty. IF he looked so different than everyone around him, why would Judas of had to point him out to the Roman Guards? Clearly the only explanation is that he was of semitic features like those around him.

I doubt he had longer hair considering the Bible clearly states men shouldn't have long hair.

I recently wrote a paper about this. The long beard and hair came about in the 3rd century. Its widely accepted that the modern day image of Jesus is just how christian piety envisioned him, rather than what he actually looked like. Considering the people painting him were of a whiter complex. Not to mention the COUNTLESS similar descriptions. Eighth century works of St. John of Damascus, fourteenth century Nicephorus’ Ecclesiastical History, and the Book of Painters, especially the Letter of Lentulus. Only problem, is we don't know what the original source these are based off of. Legend has it that Jesus made an impression of his face and sent it to King Abgarus of Edessa, which these descriptions do resemble. We just have yet to find this impression although there is plenty of talk.

This is prolly what he looked like realistically.

unless of course. We can find that darned impression of his face.
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Mar 2012
The people of the region (excluding Ashkenazi) are natively multi-racial.
Claiming that there were NO black Africans in Israel is just factually wrong. In addition, Judaism had spread to the Ethiopians long before the time of Jesus, it was one of the major regions of the religion.

Could Jesus have been black? Certainly.
Was he probably black? Probably not.
Does it matter? No.

In fact the very idea that Jesus is represented as multiple races is likely something, by the scripture, that he would have enjoyed; but maybe not in the way people thing - I think he would have enjoyed if Jews saw him as Greek, Greeks saw him as Jew, whites saw him as black, and blacks saw him as white. One of the main acts of Jesus of the Gospels is offending people, and showing why they shouldn't be offensive. Jesus was about breaking down barriers, not constructing them; that's what the people of his time would call idolatry.

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