Jewish Bolshevism and the 20th century Yuri Slezkine vs. Mykola Nechitailo

Dec 2013
I would like to start a new blog related to the Bolsheviks. After reading books by Yuri Slezkine "The Jewish Century" and Mykola Nechitailo "Ukrainian Story", I have developed an interesting "almost stereo" picture.

Slezkine described his intimate knowledge of the Russian history from his apartment in Moscow, Russia. Nechitailo described what he saw from Kyev, Ukraine.

According to the both authors, "Russian" revolution in 1917 was "Jewish revolution in Russia". Both described Jewish Bolsheviks as willing executioners working for Stalin and killing dozens of millions of innocent non-Jews. Both described the Jewish secret police,CHecka and NKVD, with some ugly examples provided in the book of Nechitailo.

Slezkine seems to claim that these mass murderers were pure and sincere in their hearts. But according to Nechitailo, many of the Bolshevik leaders were calculating sadists.

According to the bragging Slezkine's title, it was "the Jewish century" with three paradises enjoyed by the Jews. According to Nechitailo, it was apocalyptic murderous century with 250 million killed in the most brutal wars and genocides. According to the "Ukrainian Story" the ease of the war initiation was related to the ease of international banking transactions.

I will appreciate your related thoughts - from the nature of the early Bolsheviks to the most recent wars.