John C. Fremont wins the US Presidency in 1856

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Feb 2015
Well, it would be nice, wouldn't it? Sometimes hitting a nerve can do that as well, but I'd much prefer to think of it as Brooks upholding the honor of the men of the South.?
I think he was doing that too, at least how he envisioned it. Everyone's patriotism is part myth and self-projection.

Well, it's notable that Sally had her chances to leave slavery completely behind her as soon as she stepped on French soil - yet she returned with Jefferson.
I never thought of that.
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Feb 2015
That's how I learned it in school.
I learnt it that way, too. lol
Since my grammar Nazi was teaching at a Catholic school, the example was "Jesus's Disciples." My mother studied with them, too. Her obsession was commas. Her favorite sentence started out, "Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands..."
Feb 2019
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Grammar Nazi here, but it's "Brooks's", not "Brook's".
In whos's opinion?
I guess I made his last name singular (Brook) possessive... when it is more like a plural (Brooks), but since it is a singular noun it gets treated accordingly ("Brooks's" versus "Brook's" or "the Brooks'").

"It was Hans's opinion that, unlike other political parties' ideals, the Nazi party's primary goal was forever remain deeply committed to enforcing the Laws of Grammar." :lol:

Jah, voll?
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