John Tunstall Photo Album Found?

Dec 2018
Found this youtube video years ago, and was fascinated by the story.

Decided to do some research, found seller on ebay, bought a couple tintypes from same seller.

Turns out seller runs a Clearing House out of Independence , Missouri
Couldn't recall where tintypes came from.
You know what else is in Independence, Missouri
The Truman Library

After examining the tintypes on the site, the tintypes bought by myself and the gentleman in the youtube video, i have come to the conclusion that the tintypes were probably from the Truman Library basement or "Catchall" and most likely disposed of because they did not know what they were. Why Harry Truman would of had pictures of John Tunstalls' Family, friends and associates would be anyone's guess.
Ebay Seller Now Defunct
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Dec 2018
That looks like Bob Ford pictured standing with "Billy The Kid" the legend of Billy was probably at least 3 different men.
Robert Ford (outlaw) - Wikipedia

The other Picture includes John Tunstall (sitting) with Alexander McSween (standing) with hand on shoulder.

Last Picture seems to be Regulators Charlie Bowdre (sitting) with Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock standing?
Charlie Bowdre - Wikipedia


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Dec 2018
Something Interesting,
Apparently Justin "Mountain Dew" Shaws' tintypes have been stolen according to his website?
So apparently my 2 tintypes are the last remaining from the Truman Collection.

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Good Luck, finding them,
With todays internet, doubt they are worth any real monetary value, at least you have scans. Historical value yes, montary not so much, maybe at the most 2-3 thousand for the Billy tintype.
anybody wanting and willing to pay 2 million for my 2 tintypes, they are available:lol:
I'll take 5 grand for the pair.
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