Join my archaeology/history group

Hello my name is Sime.

I am archaeologist from Zagreb (Croatia).

Some 6 months ago I started to scan as much books, articles etc. about archaeology/history, and posted them on the internet
Stuff like this is not easy to do if you are doing it alone, and if nobody knows than what is the point.

My main idea is to find people with same interest in history/archaeology on one place.

That place is my group on Scribd, it is called "celeres"

If you have any txt, ppt document you are more than welcome to join, so we can share the same passion and learn something new.

On this way we will have nice collection of articles, ppt. ect., and get to know new people who share our passion.

You can also contact me on my e-mail:

Hope to hear from you soon !

Come and join !!!