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Jun 2016
The episode on youtube (watch from 1:29:00):

"Takeshi's new seven wonders of the world". The show is admittedly very entertainment-centric and sensationalistic. The show prominently features celebrity guests which is typical of japanese tv.

However, the professor is very real. Here's his wikipedia page: Sakuji Yoshimura - Wikipedia

According to the japanese wikipedia, he is considered the "leading" japanese egyptologist. He is currently the president of Higashi Nippon International University. His daughter is also an egyptologist. He supposedly discovered a solar barge in 1987.

How could someone like this just make up stuff for entertainment? They really do present the supposed discovery as 100% guaranteed "Khufu's tomb", clearly violating scientific ethics. If they really do lack scientific ethics to the point that they would claim certainty of such an obviously uncertain thing, could they also simply lie about the whole discovery? Although there is plenty of "fake" and exaggerated stuff in japanese tv, I just can't believe someone like this would do it.
Yes I know of Sakuji and the program but as you've noted above there is no corroborating evidence other than the TV show itself. I'd just just place it down as an oddity and possible but not something to get to excited about until more plausible information is provided.

I would note that the professor is 78.
Jan 2019
A few parts translated/clarified:

At 6:07 the episode is claimed to be a "new discoveries first coverage special" about "world's two great pyramids", maybe rather referring to both Egyptian and Mayan pyramids than Khufu/Khafre pyramids. This could imply that there will be some more serious press release later, but what the hell kind of choice is this show for a first publication of such a discovery?

At 1:24:30 the professor says that they "saw an entrance" while the subtitle says "Khufu's tomb entrance". He does later explicitly affirm that he thinks Khufu's tomb is there.

At 1:30:20 the narration says that the team got rights to doing terrain study and 3D imaging etc in March 2017. They supposedly used electromagnetic induction (EMI) and assumably GPR.

At 1:31:00 the narration says there was a radar anomaly that turned out to be a large underground space with "length 100m, width 33m", implied to be in the area south of Hemiunu's mastaba; the program shows a whole (imagined?) underground building complex. That's more than just an "entrance".

At 1:32:30 the professor affirms when asked if Khufu's tomb is there, south of Hemiunu's mastaba, and proceeds to describe the expected contents, comparing to Qin Shi Huang etc.

I just have to wonder, has the suspicious "empty" area really never been scanned or dug before? The surrounding mastabas were unearthed and studied over a hundred years ago. This would really be a massive "right under our noses" kind of discovery.
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Jan 2019
To be fair, the show is not exactly "ancient aliens" type, and has only one yearly episode with 2-3 topics. Even though it's entertainment-centered, there are supposed to be some standards.

In fact, Yoshimura has actually been a guest in every episode since 2009. He didn't just appear now for this "grand discovery", he's been there almost every time, including the previous episode in January 2018, assumably several months after the supposed discovery. Does this make the claim less credible or more credible? He does actually have a special reason to disclose the discovery in the show, and is probably less likely to purely invent things because he would be expected to appear also in the future.
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Jan 2019
UPDATE: The Giza West Field study itself is probably real.

The Higashi Nippon International University Institute of Egyptian Archaeology site has this mention of the study on the "research" page:

"The vast cemetery located on the western side of Khufu's pyramid, part of the Giza World Heritage site"
"There is a possibility of important remains lying underground. In the future, we will proceed with performing investigations, 3D-modeling the surface structures, as well as probing for underground spaces"
No other information, but lots of pictures for some reason.

Looking at the archives, the project is covered as follows:
The project started in August 2016.
There was a report about the project on 4 July 2017 (after the supposed discovery?)
There was a report about the project on 31 July 2017 (after the supposed discovery?)
There was a keynote speech about the project on 10 December 2017 at the "Egypt Forum 26" (many months after the supposed discovery?).
The "Egypt Forum 27" was held at Waseda University on 30 November 2018. The program as announced on 23 October is mostly about studies of pyramid interiors, with no mention of the Giza West Field project. In any case, this kind of discovery would have leaked out immediately if it had been "secretly" featured, right?

If this discovery is real, why isn't there still any statement from the universities?
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