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Mar 2017
The Mirror and the Daily Mail are reporting YET ANOTHER Cleopatra's tomb ... this time at Taposiris Magna, 18 miles away from Alexandria.

Plutarch doesn't SAY the tomb was on the same spit of land where the temple of Isis and Cleopatra's palace were built, but in the narrative they dance between those places pretty quickly.

Antony stabs himself either in Cleopatra's palace or in the Timonium, quite close. By then, Cleopatra has secured herself in her tomb behind doors that only open from the inside (to the frustration of Augustus, mainly because she's got treasure in there). Antony is brought to the tomb and lifted by ropes through a high window, so he can die in her arms. He doesn't die until he makes it to Cleopatra. It seems unlikely that they threw him in a cart & dragged him 18 miles while he was bleeding to death.

Zahi Hawass is no fool, but he does keep an eye on the media & tourism.
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Zahi is never questioned. He may have been replaced as Minister. But in reality not much happens without his knowledge, and I dare say approval.
Ah. That makes sense. He doesn't appear on camera as often as he once did. I have always admired his pro Egyptian attitude, including wanting to get stuff back that was pinched by colonial powers and other looters.

John B

Ad Honorem
Mar 2016
Right now the news feeds have dried up. There are still a number of projects under way but no new press releases. As it is the middle of excavation season there may be a lot more to come.