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Oct 2011
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The inscriptions describe some personages ... we've got a a guy with a "censer" and a guy who claps the hands to give the pace to the men dragging the statue. The title sounds like "signal giver". Then there is a "mummy painter", a decorator.

Below the statue there are three men carrying water [the ones with the yoke] and the inscription just says "carrying water". Regarding the other 3, they are carrying something made of wood and the inscription says "log of conveyance". But the irregular form doesn't help to understand how they used it.
Jul 2017
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Full results of the scans around the area of KV62. I won't even pretend to understand the raw data, but looking at the maps and from their conclusions it does seems there is something of interest. (PDF) ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION IN JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE Geophysical Anomalies detected by Electrical Resistivity Tomography in the area surrounding Tutankhamun's tomb

I'll put my neck out and suggest a possibility that I've not seen mentioned, either in this report or in Reeves proposals, or anywhere else I could find. From the start of all this it's been presumed that if there is an extension to KV62, then it is a matter of blocking stones and an empty corridor behind leading to ?. However, and this is way outside my knowledge of these scans, would they, no matter what type of scan, detect a filled corridor, as the entrances leading from the surface to the "front door" of tombs are filled. It seems that it's this that causes issues in finding tombs as while a void can be detected, filled in descending corridors cannot, and so leading to scraping away the valley floor to find the entrance. Anybody here with technical knowledge of these scans that can blow this notion away or confirm it as a possibility, John, you seem to know more about these things than me.

The link was, yet again, from Lutz on Dreams, a forum that while is moribund, has been subjected this last week to attacks from poisonous minded fringe loonies, some attacks very serious. The fringe just don't like reality and facts, and they really really hate Egyptology, and ancient Egyptians as they don't ascribe to them the capability of doing anything by themselves.
Mar 2016
I read the report. Using resistivity in that environment must have been a real b i t c h. They must have had to have juiced the probes a great deal. The intact limestone would have given the lowest resistance due to inherent moisture content in the rock. I do note they state they will have to model with the GPR result from other studies.The fill with the high resistance due to the lack of uniform contact should be able to be matched with low density GPR anomalies. This may give you hints of filled shafts or voids. All in all the geology of this area is also complex. At least other known tombs gave them a modicum of a control value to sort of help prove part of the concept. After they find a match between targets of both methods the only way to prove the target is to dig. People have to remember these are tools that are used to help one make an assessment. They are as of yet no magic x-ray goggles.

As for a sealed door. A uniform wall of like material should have a uniform resistivity. Have a blocked door and you will have and increase or decrease depending on the filling material, but you will find something.

As for the fringe elements. They act as a religion vice a science. Lacking the ability to engage in critical thinking they project their religious beliefs. Like religious thinking it can be a form of cognitive dissonance. They see reality as a threat to their belief system so they attack. Tell a follower of Islam you think that Mohammed is a pedophile for having sex with a nine year old. Or Buddha could not walk right after being born. You get the same type of reaction. I see all of this as cult like behaviours. In all aspects of society and even science it is getting worse. We are stuck with them. They are the special needs children of the academic world. Most of these individuals make things hard on my liquor cabinet.
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Jul 2017
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So I guess that the possibility of there being a filled in corridor between KV62 and location "X" is very slim, but at least it looks like there is something there, which is a straw to grasp hold of, and we know there is "stuff" out there to be found.

A rhetorical question. The fringe hate reality and Egyptology, and indeed anybody who actually "knows stuff", yet their fantasies are very often diametrically opposed to each other, for instance G1 cannot have been both a "seed vault" and a "power plant", and other fantastical pyramidiotological nonsensical madness, yet why do they NEVER attack each other, only reality and common sense. If they are asked this directly, the answer is usually an invective laced red faced foaming at the mouth rant.