Just How Uncouth Was Riding Astride for Women Prior to Early 1900's?

Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
Okay, so for someone like Sybil Ludington, who was 16 when she allegedly rode her horse, named Star, something like 40 miles in hours of darkness to warn 400 militiamen that the British were coming (same mission as Paul Revere, but she rode twice the distance)... I think it's safe to assume she rode astride, as all the illustrations and monument show.

Was she a hussy - or a hero? Was it permissible to ride astride (maybe the dire nature of the ride could warrant an excuse for that) or did she cement her reputation as a sort of unrefined yokel?

(If a woman rides astride in the dark.... did it really happen? ;))


Ad Honorem
Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
Apparently young Queen Victoria rode astride in Scotland. You can see it right here for yourself.