Kajaki Minefield Trap

Sep 2017
United States
Today, I saw an interesting video on an incident in Afghanistan where British soldiers became caught in a Russian minefield:

I found the story pretty crazy, and especially how the wounded officer remained conscious and continued to boost the morale of the troops. I also didn't know how complicated it was for the British to request French evacuation because of the complex chain of bureaucracy.

Not really a whole lot to say on it, but I thought I'd share it since it was such a unique event.
Sep 2017
United States
I watched it too. From my point of view it is the absolutely perfect depiction of the number of things that can go wrong in military operations and cost lives for no reason.
What I find most interesting is that it was an old Soviet minefield, so it was entirely accidental. Throughout most of the video I assumed insurgents had laid the mines and the enemy happening upon it was a scenario they considered likely. It almost ironic, the Cold War still haunting the West a little bit.


Ad Honorem
Jan 2011
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If its the incident im thinking of it wasnt even a Soviet minefield, it was a dried river bed. During flooding old soviet mines had been unearthed and pushed downriver then collected in the newly dried bend in the river so it was a complete accident they were there.