Kalinga's Westward conquests and expansions?

Jun 2012
The great Kharavela of Kalinga was probably a contemporary of Pushyamitra Sunga and the Andras. During this time, I think most historians agree that the Sunga Empire was the predominant empire in India (especially in Nothern India).

Yet, other more Eastern empires also have their own claims and boasting in history. One in particular claimed that Kalinga was actually the more powerful Empire (as in more powerful than both Sunga and Stavahana) capable of conquering the Indo-"Greeks".

Here is a map made by others:

Of course, this is just a much larger and more aggressive version of the Sunga Empire.:lol: Has anybody been able to clarify this issue yet? Was Kharavela just taking credit from the Sungas?:suspicious:
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Oct 2012
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That map is wrong. Kharavela certainly did not conquer the Deccan (which was then ruled by the Satavahana king Satakarni I), and it is also unlikely that he conquered all of those lands in North India (called "Bharatavasa" in Kharavela's Hathigumpha inscription). At best, this represents the lands that Kharavela's armies raided and plundered.

Also, there is no evidence that the Sungas were contemporaries of Kharavela. The King of Magadha that Kharavela claims to have subjugated was named Bahasatimita, and this king cannot be identified with any of the known Sunga monarchs. Kharavela was most likely ruling during the 1st century BCE, and the Sungas had probably already been deposed by the time of Kharavela's reign.
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