Kensington Stone & UHaul


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Jun 2009
land of Califia
Interesting. Do you know what the connection between the stone and Uhaul might be?
The stone is in Minnesota and it is U-hauls in Minnesota. I think that's about it. Kind of like putting the Grand Canyon on the side of a U-haul truck in Arizona.

By the way, good marketing...go U-haul.
May 2011
The Kensington Rune stone was created in 1362 by a Swede with the Norwegian rescue fleet (5 ships) who wanted to return the Lenape (Christians) from Greenland to Norway. The Maalan Aarum (Lenape history) says that "NO ONE deserted to the land of the Norse Gods." The Maalan Aarum also has a stanza about the ten shipmates that died. Put yourself in the Ojibway moccasins: 4,000 people are walking up the Red River. A large boat with 30 men aboard is testing the canoe route between Fargo and Minneapolis. Ten men are left on shore--time to make a little protest. Right?

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