Kentucky History

Apr 2010
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That tactic of loading a musket while moving (dragging it) was used by General Daniel Morgan in the Battle of Cowpens. As I recall reading, after a line fired a volley, they retreated back and loaded along the way. Then they turned and fired at the Brits catching them by surprise.


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Apr 2010
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Several slave states remained loyal to the United States--Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware. Evidently slavery wasn't as important, nor slave holding interests as influential as farther south. There were areas of Kentucky where rebel sympathy was strong, such as in the Bluegrass country and in western Kentucky around Paducah. The rebel Army of Tennessee contained a brigade of Kentucky troops but far more Kentuckians fought for the United States than for the rebellion.

When Bragg invaded Kentucky in 1862 he was disappointed and pissed off at the feeble response to his recruiting efforts in the state.

Note that some of the rebellious states contained areas where the people were loyal to the United States, usually areas that had few enslaved people or had strong commercial ties to the north. East Tennessee and western Tennessee along the Tennessee river were areas of strong loyalist sentiment and Tennessee supplied about 30,000 white soldiers to the United States army.

East Tennessee brothers in the United States Army during the southern rebellion; Robert and John Adair, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, United States.
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Actually now I think about it, didn't Kentucky attempt to stay neutral in the conflict? However that was supposed to work...