Khasoggi's disappearance and the future of Saudi

Jul 2016
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I could have sent them a postcard! However, where do we go from here? Is KSA going to turn into a revolution? Probably not? Is the civilised bit of the world going to ostracize him? Probably not. Is the whole world going to try and bury this story? Probably. Just keep an eye on this guy!
Oct 2018
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How Saudi Arabia Is Addressing Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance - The Atlantic

Prominent regime critic enters Saudi consulate in Istambul with his fiancee waiting outside,... he never comes out...

Unusually regarding saudi, there is strong criticism in the US (and the UK, France for now is silent) over this. And in Turkey as well.... There is muted talk of sanctions....

Could this be the straw that will break the camel's back ?
This is from another thread, which I can't find but is relevant:

Prince Muhhamad Bin Salman, who the CIA has claimed ordered Kashoggi's murder is trying to distract with the claim that 'western nations' asked the Saudis to help establish Wahabi Islam , to help fight communism during the cold war. I think the article appeared in The Post, but can't find it.

Is the guy desperate,or stupid, or thinks we are?

There is arguably no other branch of islam as incompatible with modern western hedonistic values as Wahabi Islam, the dominant sect inSaudi Arabia. This is an absolute monarchy, in which women have recently been graciously permitted to drive a car. Sharia law is the law of the land; a woman complaining of rape is still liable to be charged with adultery. Homosexuality activity is a capital crime.

These punishments are I think fromSharia law; which began about 1400 years ago. There are a lot of similarities with Mosaic Law found in the Torah; there are 613 Mosaic commandments, not ten. The great difference between Mosaic and Sharia law is that the jews moved on. Some Muslims did not: Eg Jews no longer kill anyone for not keeping the Sabbath, nor stone people (usually women) for adultery, nor do they any longer kill a recalcitrant child.

I mention all this to put my opinion of the prince's credibility into context. IE: none.
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Jul 2017
I thought Prince MBS was a good influence on KSA, trying to modernize the kingdom and also clamping down on corruption.

But in the light of his alleged involvement in this ghastly deed, I'm conflicted now as well as a bit confused.

On one hand, I'm not sure why the murdered journalist was a critic and on the other, I'm wondering why the prince would order a murder as some criticism doesn't mean his position in the kingdom was threatened
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
Because he is a pathetic little boy who has been presented with all the toys in the Toyshop. He is super unintelligent, has no learning and he can do as he likes, like ordering a murder, which he still denies.