King? Geroge Washington


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Mar 2008
Sacramento, CA
If George Washington had been King who would be the living heir? Newsweek has a story this week about the Texan who would have been in line.
It is at:
I think that "King Bushrod Washington II" has kind of a ring to it, don't you?

Who knows? There might have been a few times between 1935 and 1997 where "King Larry Washington" might have done a better job than the "pretenders to the throne" did while they were in office...
Jul 2006
One problem I see is that this article assumes there would've been no bumps along the road of American monarchy. Y'know, the kinda bumps where heads seperate from necks?


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Mar 2008
On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
Good point but at least the genealogy is accurate. I find it interesting to know what the descendents of the famous are doing. In 1960 I knew an electric meter reader who was the great grandson of the Kaiser Wilhelm. Plus I meet a 50 year old pizza delivery guy who was the grandson of a U.S. president. So much for good genes.

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