Kings and Generals youtube channel

Dec 2016
There is a famous youtube Channel: Kings and Generals with the following description: "We create animated historical documentaries. Currently, we are running parallel series covering the Mongol invasions, Hundred Years' War, Napoleonic Wars, Ottoman Conquests and the Restoration of Justinian"

Kings and Generals

What do you think about it? I am not familiar with this channel, I discovered it recently and I was astonished I could understand the Battle of Lutzen (1632) better than I did when I read a book with a description of this battle.
Oct 2011
Oh, it is excellent. In fact, it is one of my favourite youtube channels.

BazBattles channel is also similar:
Sep 2019
Love the channel. However I'm unsure if all their battle simulations are accurate. For example I recently watched the video on the CImbrian War. K&G Battle of Vercellae does not match what's described in Plutarch's Life of Marius. I'm not an expert on Roman History perhaps they are going off another source? If not it makes me worry a bit.

The Battle of Vercellae starts at 12:40:

Plutarch's account (25-26):
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Jul 2019
It's a pretty good channel that brings little known histories to the general public. Nice format, great art, good narration. But it's still "pop-history", as in, it's not academic literature and shouldn't be taken as a source when writing a paper, :p I've personally noticed that his maps aren't always accurate. Sometimes they're way off. And although I'm sure he/they consult many sources, they sometimes tend to tunnel vision on specific sources. They're not experts on the subjects of their videos. They find an interesting topic, do some research, make some art, and release a video. It's a good format. Not always super accurate, but better than History Channel, lol...
Mar 2018
I really like them to, maybe my favourite history based channel. After Historia Civilis of course, which does absolute top tier videos (but only very rarely...).
Dec 2012
well good history videos does take long time to research. As well, they seem to assume that Attila and his huns were the Xiongnu