Korean Illustrative Manuals on Arms and Armaments

Jul 2019
Hello friends, there has been something bugging me for the past couple of years in my passionate exploration of Korean Arms and Armour. I have learnt through my journey that there is very little knowledge of Korean Arms and Armour and a lack of surviving treaties to the production of Korean arms during the Goryeo period; especially during the 14th century crisis (which to a great disappoint, is my favourite period to learn about)

Why is this? To my knowledge the only descripted documents about Korean arms during the Goryeo period is "Xu Jing's illustrated account of the Xuanhe embassy to Koryo". That is simply not Enough!

EDIT: I'm not actually angry, just disappointed


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Aug 2013
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Yes that seems likely. I was hoping that some one would prove me wrong by providing a source, but i guess having the Munjeong Sillok is lucky considering how often the capital was looted.
Wait are you aware of the Pyonggi Tosol (병기도설)? It's from 1474 and describes some armor and weapons IIRC.

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