Kotkin vs. Orwell?


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Speaking of Slavic Croatia, the leadership of the Independent State of Croatia actively attempted to deny the Slavic ancestry of the Croats and instead proclaimed Croats as descendants of the Goths, ostensibly to forge stronger links with Germany and to "save" the Croats from being counted among the undesirables.
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In some aspects Stalin acted like a real Great Russian chauvinist.[/QUOTE]

Stalin could be pragmatic. The fact that he started out as a Georgian nationalist probably made him more tolerant with the Russian kind*:

The rosebud flowered
Entwining the violet.
And Iris awoke
Greening in the breeze

The lark sang its tune
High up in the clouds.
And the nightingale joined
In the jubilant song:

May you prosper my beautiful country
Land of Iberia, blossom and thrive!

And you my studious and diligent Georgian
Acquire the knowledge your fatherland needs!

*Or Tajik for that matter: Stalin\'s Toast to the Tajik People
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