Lemuria, Atlantis, The Naacals, and the Illuminati - Opinions?

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At Republique - a couple of years ago you posted this

Apr 13, 2015
Lemuria and Atlantis are both alleged continents in the ancient times according to some people before the times of the Egyptians and the Sumerians. The Naacals were the spiritual leaders of these continents with a high level of consciousness. In this alleged history, humanity dwindled and fell into a low state of consciousness and forgot all past accomplishments. The Naacals, after waiting for humanity to evolved, help create the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations. This would explain the Egyptians and Sumer's advanced knowledge of writing and sudden massive jumps in technological advancements that should have normally taken decades or centuries on a new and evolving civilization. According to these followings, the 1st level of consciousness in a human is 5-6 feet tall, the 2nd is 7-10, the 3rd is 12-15, the fourth is 18-25, and the 5th is 40-50ft+. This could be a reason as to why there were varying sizes in ancient Egyptian statues that depicted Pharaohs and other notable people, where some are nearly 55 feet tall, meaning the 5th level of consciousness, and some where only around 6 feet tall, meaning the first level of consciousness. Of course, these are probably only bigger based upon the greatness or demands of that leader. The Pyramids were created by Martians. Martians you say? Yes, Martians. During the times of Atlantis the tree of life was created by the Naacals and drew life to them. The Martians, their society dwindled due to mass wars, created a Merkaba using Pyramids (explains the suspicious Pyramids on Mars) to find a new home. There, they discovered Earth. On Earth there was 2 circles in the Tree of Life that were not being used by the Atlanteans. The Martians filled these and attempted to overthrow the current government of Atlantis, but there was only a few thousand of them in comparison to the millions that came from the now sunken Lemuria. The Martians eventually were able to take over, but that's for another time. Now, the Martians eventually attempted to create a Merkaba in Egypt using Pyramids, but they were out of place. (Note, this would actually explain the perfect alignment of the Pyramids). The alleged 13 families of the upper echelon in the Illuminati. These families are alleged to be Martians do to their craving of money and power (the Martians were a male species, so they didn't have emotions but were highly intelligent, while the Lemurians/Humans were a female species, so they had more emotions.)

Obviously this is all hypothetical and most likely created by schizophrenics.

What are your opinions on this possible history of our planet?

Hello Im Necropolis the oracle of ohio, im a psudo history scholar, im a single male, 38 years old born in 1980 these are my thoughts on Lemuria

Lemuria and Mu and later as it was known Atlantis was on a Planet called Mahu now known as Planet Erra in the Binary star system of Taygeta... yes it true the next planet over was the planet that sent the Naacals to civilize them but the next planet over was not mars, it was called Pahu by the inhabitants of Lemuria although the inhabitants of Pahu called there planet Dakotae and they were a native america like race and also they later became known as the Preserver aliens because they saved most people on planet Mahu before it was destoyed by the flood from when the ice caps melted... about 100,000 years ago the Dakotae sent the Naacals to Mahu to teach the Lemurians there science they sent 202 of there people. this was in 98,000 BC... as the millennia passed and Lemuria kept advancing the planet kept putting out more green house gas also the sun was naturally warming and so the icecaps melted flooding Lemuria in about 24,000 BC... Civilization on planet Mahu/ Erra was flourishing in the year 48,074 BC (1926 minus 50,000 years) ... the civilization on the planet kept flourishing until the icecaps melted and flooded the world. ... just before this happened though the Dakota preserver aliens they rescued half a billion people and took them to several worlds some to Dakotae some to Aldebaran star system to a colony of theres there they established about 98,000 BC and some were brought to this here planet here and the rest where taken to other planetary systems.. The Dakotae were a advanced civilization compared to the Lemurians and Muese but they were not the first to be this way, they were uplifted by The Lyrans and not the cat race of Lyran they were uplifted by a Human race of Lyrans.

as far as the rest of what you wrote i have no idea but i did just watch the YouTube video -
heres the Time line of constructed its not finished but this is a good chunk of it

2,006-2,013 th centuries of AHE After Humans appeared on earth era (Jan 1 1900 to jan 1 2600) -
VISIONS OF SHAMAN "Written October 30, 2006 by Bluecloud based on the Hopi prophecy

Glossary on Abbreviations
Blue Cloud Vision = BCV
Baba Vanga = BV
Al Bielek = AB
Others = Any one else or any other source with a interesting prophecy or prediction
Century of AHE = (over 200,000 years After Humans apeared on Earth Era)
Past history -----------
c.22,000,000 BC
About this time the Lyran Caucasians became capable of star travel. (real life UFOology)

c.20,000,000 BC
The Orion Wars start. The wars started over territory in the constellation of Lyra. But soon the war spread to the constellation of Orion
(real life UFOology)

c.19,400,000 BC
The Orion Wars ended.
(real life UFOology) (additional information not shown here According to the alien Aridif channeled by Rob Gauthier)

c.10,100,000 BC
The Forerunner-Precursor war begins, The Precursors nearly go extinct in the Forerunner-Precursor war (Halo video game series)

c.4,500,000 BC
The First League confederation is founded by the Precursors. (real life UFOology)

228,000 BC
A Lyran leader named Asael leads 360,000 Lyrans to a new home in the Pleiades.(real life UFOology)

226,000 BC
Asael dies and his daughter Pleja becomes ruler. The Tayget binary star system system is now called the Plejas system. (real life UFOology)

Century 1 AHE (198,700 to 198,600 BC)
BCV - 00 - Humans first appear on Planet Earth (Shaman Blue Cloud Vision)

c.150,000 BC
Humans first appear on planet Earth. (Halo video game series)

c.48,074 BC to c.10,074 BC
(1926 AD minus 50,000 and 12,000 years.) According to James Churchward, Lived (Feb 27 1851 to Jan 4 1936) - Around this time civilization was
flourishing on planet Erra in the Taygeta Star system on the Lost super continent of Lemuria. And there civilization was technologically more
advanced than his civilization which was 1920s United Kingdom (UK).

c.3102 to 3082 BC
Enoch leaves the Earth and travels to the Pleiades (real life UFOology)

1347 BC
(1953 AD minus 3300 years.) Asket's race the Timars, a human like race from planet Timar come to our Universe from her home Universe. (real life UFOology)
century 2006 AHE (the 20th century)

1945 AD
On June 26 the United Nations charter is signed and on October 24 the UN charter entered into force and the UN was formed (real world history)
In 1953, Asket the Alien visits Billy Mier. (real life UFOology)

1964 AD
BCV - 01 Earthquake in Alaska
(1964 Alaska earth quake occurred at 5:36 PM Alaska time on Good Friday, March 27, 1964)
1981 AD
BCV - 02 Attempt at the murder of the Pope
(Pope John Paul II assassination attempt May 13 ,1981)
BCV - 03 Racial Conflicts in EU
(Bosnian genocide 1992 to 1995)
(* technically this was not in the EU this could still be a future prediction as these Yugoslavian states are not in the EU could be a Race conflict
between Muslims and EU Member states)
century 2007 AHE (the 21st century)
AB - 01 - In 2000, In April of this year , A election scandal is predicted and happens in November and
into December and George Bush is predicted to be the next US president. Most of this happened in real
life the only difference was that Pat Buccannon was the main 3rd party candidate not Ralph Nader.in real
life technically Pat Bucannon was the 4th party candidate. In our world line Pat Buccanon changed parties
from the election in October 1999 changing from republican to the reform party also Donald Trump ran for
the reform party and became president later in 2016 and it was another Election won by the Electoral vote
,all of which came true some how - (Al Beilek)

BV - 01 - “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water,
and the whole world will be weeping over it.”
(Kursk Submarine Disaster August 12, 2000)

November ,2000 US Election

BV - 02 -“Horror, horror! The American brethren (believed to be a reference to the two ‘brother’ towers)
will fall after being attacked by the steel birds (thought to be the two hijacked passenger planes).
“The wolves will be howling in a bush (believed to be a reference to then US president George Bush) and
innocent blood will gush.”
(9/11 attacks on September 11, 2001)

BCV - 04 The economic crisis in the US
(2008? or worse a total economic collapse in 2020s?)
BCV - 05 More climate change , and Hurricane in New York
(Hurricane Sandy October 28–29, 2012)

BCV - 06 a Death from the virus in the US
(Ebola Outbreak - Thomas Eric Duncan died at 7:51 am on October 8, 2014)


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It may just be my cynicism, but the new member should fit right in. Currently, I'm more interested in how you are doing than the site. I hope your feeling better, no longer need dialysis, and that you are finding it easier to get around. I believe you have my standard E-mail address, and know that you can signal me any time, on any matter for a friendly ear.
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Naacal ? ... so , I just had a little foray of looking it up ;

" The Naacal Tablets are a fabricated set of stone tablets depicting elaborate origin stories about the creation of human civilization. Despite numerous individuals claiming the drastic implications the information from the Naacal Tablets have on human history, there has never been any physical archaeological evidence of such stones. [1] While there is much debate over whether the stone tablets exist in a secret library hidden somewhere in the world, the consequences of the stones inception have shaped entire belief-systems and religions, such as Theosophy.


Excavation of Absurdity

In Yucatan, Mexico, 1874, Le Plongeon and his wife, Alice, uncovered the five-foot tall reclining man they endearingly refereed to as "Prince Chaacmol."..... Plongeon exploited many of the stories he learned from the indigenous communities of the region and extrapolated their beliefs to fit his lost continent theories. While studying and examining the Maya ruins in Central America, Plongeon began to speculate forces from beyond planet Earth were responsible from shaping ancient civilization, specifically using elaborate architecture as his evidence. .... claims of Plongeon, Churchward, and Blavatsky have no place in evidence based archaeology, instead the spiritual aspects of their teachings should be understood in the correct context, which is new-age spiritualism, or absurdity, depending on individual values. "

[ On that note, I am reminded of a person who continually posted such rubbish on an archeology forum. After many challenges and shot downs he began to claim .... wait for it .... the science of

' Psychic Archeology ' You can imagine the furor THAT started with the professionals ! :D ]

" Negative Outcomes: Nationalism and Racism

The cultural and historical consequences of the imagined Naacal Tablets have led to strengthening ideologies of racism and nationalism. Many of the perpetrators responsible for promoting pseudo-origin stories used their imagined ideas to bolster their own ethnocentrism. Many of these thinkers felt there was no possible way that ancient people could have built the Maya ruins since they were too primitive and uncivilized. However, to the perpetrators of pseudothinking, it was not too far-fetched to believe that beings from other worlds and dimensions could have come to earth and interacted with ancient people. The absurdity of believing such ideas leads to a dangerous detachment from reality. By not allowing certain cultures to rightfully own their history, invalidates the potential these ancient civilizations tapped into and used to erect incredible feats of archaeology. "

Naacal Tablets - Fake Archaeology
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What is reality? what if i told you the line , "What if i told you ? " was never spoken of in the movie the Matrix? I'm not sure of the line my self but im damn sure he did say - "Mr Anderson we been expecting you " in the interrogation room scene.

its cause were all fake, that's why the many Mandela effect's is observable, this is crappy simulation, lots of glitches, the first simulations came about in 2500 AD.. as the centuries went by the matrix simulations got more and more advanced this led to the downfall of civilization the Human-Robot war.... if this was a more advance civilization then there never would have been a Mandela effect the future people would never aloud that to happen on the time time, its a glitch in the matrix of reality. ... Elon Musk smartest man in the world now said theres a 1 in a billion chance this is the actual real world which he called base reality..

the prophecy of the random black man on the street in the 1990s said this and has come true -
"this universe is hell and we are living in it. "

its really closer to the Year 2500 AD . ... the simulation has lots of glitches... in the 2700s the simulations were roughly lifelike on par with actual reality.. then in 2900 they are a little better than real life then in the 3200s AD they become too real... in the 3300s to 3700s the human-robot wars and Armageddon is fought .. by 3797 most or all human life on earth is dead.. eventually human colonies come back to earth to kill the beast thats making the simulations . by by that time we become a myth no one believes where real in those days in the 4000s AD 5th millennia... thank god its only the year 2500 AD. .

What is REAL ? if its just watch you can sense with your 5 sense smell taste touch and see and hear its just electrical impulses to the brain... we only see a small portion of light called the visible spectrum, we only hear a certain level cant hear dog whistles. theres more to the universe that just us here on earth in this time... i mean really if we are infinite beings why is it this year? why not a hundred years from now? why cant we be walking with Odin in the 3000s ad battling the beast Fenrir in fighting Ragnarok in revelation 18 ? why is it now in revelations 3? ....when do we travel to the Pleiades in our black triangle american made saucer craft to put all this to rest?... single seven Jonathan on art bel said that the United Nations gets the time travel tech in 2051. some time after 2051 we go to the other earth in Taygeta star system and prove once and for all that the future of the bible is real.. just as real as the past of the bible that spoke of the aliens coming here in genesis 6 .... we need to go to the aliens in revelations 4 in order to bring order to the known universe, 6 plaus 4 is 10... it all adds up aliens are real and lemuria is real and the Naacals are real the only difference is they were not a race or civilization only merely a tribe or a organization within the Dakota aliens.

They got many things wrong but they got some things right i could care less if some tablets were real or not thats not important .. if we can prove the future is real then the past will also must have been real we can just as well drive in our saucer ships back then cloak them and study the past and find out for sure if its real... you need to open your eyes and stop being a NPC and stop belving we are aone in the universe and that the pagen gods never existed this is false doctrine... im a roman catholic we are now a science advancing religion we no longer persecuting the crazys like nostradamus and all of them, we are done with that, at some point over the past wew years the pope said we are not alone in the universe..... in 2014 i was a sleep, but then iat the start of 2017 i woke up to this new reality that the bible is a real and not just a fairy tale... from 1988 to 2014 i was on the fence but now im a true believer. we got to wake up and stop trying to bury our heads in the sand like ostriches gods love is the answer to defeat this reality controled by satan and die and see the real world where ever and when ever that actually is. .... why are the people in the futre doing this to us? they are trying to evolve us and turn us into a powerful q entity race in less time than a billion years and when this game called life..

Necropolis the oracle of Ohio

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