Lets comment EU's stupid policy towards fuels

Feb 2015
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It is a disastrous policy whenever a government bans something, but it's a lot more disastrous when a whole branch, a big chunk of the economy is built on it.
Normally, there is nothing wrong if one wants to give priority to the environment, but lets be totally honest. And I don't want to make this divide of political fractions, but the idea of banning cars on fuel is VERY VERY stupid, and I do not know how the EU politicians will come up with this. If you want to do something to make battery cars attractive you can do it without FORCING people to drive only ONE kind of cars.
It's the same like banning oranges and bananas from the fruit shop and to sell only apples to people.
Not to mention the ridiculous time frame. Up to 2030. It's some 10 years from now on. Diesel is already banned in Germany!!!

This is some utopian sh&t you can read in science-fiction books.

I'd appreciate if there are some normal people left out there (in Europe).

So lets say, I am buying a brand new car today for 50,000$, I can drive it for ONLY 10 years, and then its value will become close to 0!!!

Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
There is a huge difference between phasing something out and banning it entirely. There isn't a single country on the planet that has banned internal combustion engine vehicles. Name one country that has actually passed legislation to this effect. All that is required is to support emerging technologies. Norway already has 60% of new car sales consisting of all-electric and hybrid vehicles without banning anything.

Electric vehicle sales achieve new record in Norway
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May 2016
Diesel is already banned in Germany!!!
We all have the right to our opinions, but these kind of fake news disguised in the middle of a post will necessarily label it as a partisan politics post.

The worst of the fake news is that they have always a small share of truth. Than that truth is removed from context and distorted. That is just what you made with that sentence.