Life After People


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
I wrote a review earlier, and this is one of my most "formal" input since university essays:

Humans usually consider themselves the centre of existence; then, what happens to Planet Earth if humans exit the screen?

Human religious traditions usually place humans as the centre of creation, and the fate of humans is central to the belief systems.

What if humans are a petty unimportant species in the universe, and lives continue on Earth after humans?

Both the film and the TV series of Life After People attempt to answer the questions about earth after humanity. What will become of the environment? What happen to the works of humanity?

The tagline is "Welcome to Earth, Population Zero", and the hypothesis is what may happen if all humans are gone today, and it does not investigate the cause.

It is a bold attempt in many ways, and it has relatively successfully raise the issue. While it is mostly speculative history, it played on History channel with reasonably good responses.

Although a few years back, the super effects are still fairly stunning; with comparison with real world ghost towns and abandoned sites, the speculations seem realistic. One little complaint is that the real world sites are mostly in the USA, and many people would prefer it more international.

Even the speculations are mostly about American buildings and sites, and this is one of the most important drawback. The ghost towns and abandoned sites can get people thinking as well: Since not all historical buildings can be preserved, the requirement can be determining what to salvage and what to scrap or recycle. The abandoned sites may signify major wastes of resources, even though this is not the theme of the film and the TV series.

People should not lose any sleep about the disappearance of humanity; the reconsideration should be the true standing of humanity on Earth and the universe.

In the film, the conclusion is "there were life before people, and there will be life after people".
What are the best parts?
How accurate are the speculations?
How should we preserve historical sites?