Like Netherlands why no other country tried claiming land from the sea.


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Despite technological advancement in Europe, why did land reclamation from Sea wasn't popular elsewhere in Europe.
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Nov 2018
Map of land in Schleswig recovered from the sea.

“Koge” means land recovered from the sea also called marshland .

“Inddiget “means diked.


It was Frisians, who inhabited areas all the way from Holland to Southern Denmark, which started the building of dikes.
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As Runa pointed out, it isn't exactly only Holland.

The reason isn't that much connected to technological advance as it might look. It's more about geography (not that many places can be claimed to the sea) and socio-economic context (the inhabitants were a bit forced to do it, as they were a bit "stuck" there).

Generally speaking, human societies tend to choose the most efficient way (are "intelligently lazy", as a good friend used to say), they do not choose difficulties, unless there isn't a choice. It's the case of Low-countries.


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Japan has reclaimed land. Maybe they don't count because they're not in Europe though.
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Nov 2018
Land reclamation can be done by digging ditches in the tidal flats so water easily runs off when it is low tide or you make a kind of fence that holds back mud so that the land rises.

Both methods help plants that can withstand the conditions to grow the former seabed. After that, you build so-called summer dikes, who cannot withstand the winter storms. In summer, sheep will grass the land.

Once sufficient land has been recovered, solid dikes will be built to protect land and buildings all year round.

In spite of that, it often happened earlier that the dikes collapsed and the sea flooded the land, therefore you can still see older farms lying on small artificial hills.

The oldest were so big that small villages were built on them.

The first examples is from Holland around 300 B.C. build by Frisian tribes.
Nov 2018
Well they can spend money reclaiming land - until the sea levels rise.
Most land recovered from the sea is already below sea level.It is only a matter of money to build the dikes higher and the pumps more powerful.