List of earliest extant manuscripts for all literature works from antiquity?


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Dec 2009
However, from what you write above I infer that I should not therefore conclude that the earliest ms for Porphyry's "Life of Plotinus" is one of these from the 13th century _BECAUSE_ the collection is not complete. Is this correct?
Yes, correct.

Is there a page in Pinakes that allows me to select an author?
Top left box. Names are sorted according to Latinized forms. Then hit "recherche" on the bottom right.
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If literature means "any written materials", the earliest literature would be records of taxation and trades; these would be too dull for most people (except for historians and archaeologists in the relevant fields.)
Well, there's also quite a bit of extant narrative and expository literature on papyrus and cuneiform tablets (among various other media), most of religious/political, historical and/or wisdom genres, which long predates anything from the "Christian and Classical" spheres. However, it sounds like the OP's interest is limited to later periods and social groups.
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