List of Jacobite prisoners after Culloden

Jun 2017
There are quite a lot of Macdonald/Macdonell branches to consider when discussing faith and loyalties. Like the nature of kinship relations both within and outwith the Highlands, their political and ideological loyalties shifted and diverged through the early modern era. Macdonalds of Sleat, Largie, and Sanda were divided intra-clan between non-juring Episcopalians and Presbyterians, and there was indeed a Catholic presence in the Isles – especially in Sleat. Faith was rarely, if ever, a primary determinant for the direction of a particular clan, and plenty of chiefs bore confessional beliefs that differed from that of their tenants. In the case of significant families of Macdonalds from the Isles, their political loyalties spanned the gamut of possibilities: they were neutral during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, then decidedly Jacobite from the Revolution to beyond the Fifteen. Despite a 'tradition' of Stuart loyalty, they markedly stayed out of the Forty-five, and some even explicitly gave oaths to maintain the Hanoverian succession.

I've attached a table that shows the confessional and political lineages of the primary Macdonald clans through the early modern era. This have been compiled from Allan Macinnes' seminal Clanship, Commerce and the House of Stuart, 1603-1788, and plenty more about the attitudes and culture of the Gàidhealtachd that are relevant to this topic can be found within. The full table of the fifty primary clans can be seen and searched/filtered here.

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