Little Big Man

Feb 2014
New Jersey
I just got done watching Little Big Man, It's unbelievable how accurate the story is. Not only does it show parts of how the Cheyenne lived, but it also showed how the whites lived. Me as an American is ashamed of crossing the line with our "Peace Treaty". That's who we are, what a good reputation we have. "This can be your land as long as the grass grows and the sky is blue" but we ran in there and killed every single one of them. Not to mention, Indians were on our land before Christopher Columbus. What did Columbus and his troops do when they arrived? Killed the f****** Indians. I promise, if i lived in that time era, I'd be the craziest Indian you'd ever meet in your life.


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Jun 2009
land of Califia
One of the pitfalls of historians, is to avoid Presentism, which is the applying of modern morals to historical persons or events. Things we see as evil today, were perfectly normal in the times they were commited.

The truth is, if you are a Native American, and were living in this time as a 'Crazy Indian', you would be dead as disco. If you are in fact of European descent, you would be side by side with other Europeans, making sure that Native Americans were dead as disco.