Little known weapons of the medieval era

Mar 2018
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Frankly, you won't find much, fighting with two weapons is almost always a bad tactic. A one-handed weapon with a shield, or a larger two handed weapon, is almost always better. The only example I can think of a rapier + a dagger used together. You can also look into lantern shields for a bit of fun.

Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
Whenever a fighter had two hands to fight with, he generally selected a two-handed weapon, not two separate weapons. The only real exception is in dueling where they had specific rules and modes of conduct.


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Aug 2016
Does he have to use the two weapons simultaneously or can he use them in succession? Many Medieval soldiers had a back up weapon in case they lost their primary. Archers usually carried a dagger. Knights had both lance and sword.
Sep 2019
With a buckler, I would use a spear. However, I guess it would precipitate amusing dialogue with two handguns. As to how he uses them, he uses them one after another (he uses a chinese and irish fighting styles).

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