Location of Hitler's Body

Apr 2017
I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories but there is some legitimate questions about the location of Hitler's corpse. Many accounts agree he killed himself in his bunker, then his body was taken outside, burned and buried. Soviet forces are said to have found it, examined it, then reburied them and eventually years later destroyed them and threw the ashes into a river. They kept a skull fragment and the lower jaw. The Russians claimed they had Hitler's dentist examine the lower jaw and confirm its authenticity (he had very bad teeth). American researchers in 2009 performed a DNA test on the skull fragment and determined it was female (and thus not Hitler's). Russian sources deny allowing anyone to test the skull fragment. Further confounding the issue is Soviet propaganda to purposely confuse the issue by claiming during the cold war Hitler was still alive in Spain or South America. Conspiracy theories further complicated the situation. So if the skull isn't Hitler's, then is the jaw? If not, then where is Hitler's body? The simplest answer is the DNA test was wrong (either the sample was a fake or the testers were illegitimate) and Hitler's body was destroyed as stated. Alternatively, the Russian samples were wrong and Hitler's body is rotting in a hole somewhere.