Locke and the question of toleration

May 2018
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An the first Catholic president was shot
There were several U.S. Presidents assassinated. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy. Other attempts made, notably on Reagan, and others were either shot at or had plans circumvented. I have never attributed Kennedy's Catholicism as a reason for his killing. The various assassins or would-be's were disaffected individuals who had bizarre reasons or motives. [Sorry, that was kind of off-topic for the thread, but so was the comment to which I replied].


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Jan 2017
Catholic were treated with much suspicion by American nativists ,
this was one of the main tenet of the " Know nothing" movement of the 1850ies

the main issue was not one of creed , but of ultimate political allegiance ,
something like being a communist in the 1950ies