Looking for a good book !

Im looking for a good book that compares the age of the roman empire and the dark ages. Im interested in what was lost technologically,intellectually, and socially with the fall of rome and the transition into the dark ages. I am also looking for social changes between the two ages. Im not terribly interested in a exhaustive history of the two ages, i am more interested in the shifts and changes between them.

Appreciate any suggested books to read, Thx alot!


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Jan 2007
Welcome, Jemarque Marquis.

Depending on when you reckon the "Dark Ages" to have ended, you might find The Victory of Reason by Rodney Stark instructive.


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Jul 2007
Economic History of Europe (Heaton, 1936). It's hardly a central theme of the book and it's far from being all-inclusive or sufficient on its own, but you'll pick up a few things you might miss in others.