Looking for books about Austrian Succession War

Dec 2016
I am not historian but 18th century military history fascinates me, especially in Europe. Can you recommend me please a good book covering Austrian Succession War and if possible any of its battles: Fontenoy, Dettingen, Bassignana?
Dec 2016
Try Reed Browning's "The War of the Austrian Succession". Only book I can think of on that topic.
Thank you for your suggestion. I also purchased this one:

Fontenoy, Britain & The War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748, With a Short Account of the Battle of Fontenoy

Contains a chapter about Fontenoy battle and Dettingen battle.
Oct 2015
heaven is a little country in Britain called Wales
Hey up, if you stick Austrian Succession into Amazon it comes up with a few. Another site to try is llibrarything.com

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