Looking for books about Ottoman public finance

Oct 2010
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Hi all,

As the title says I am looking for some books about Ottoman finances specially for the period 1453-1700.

I've found a few things here and there (chapters in S. Pamuk's Monetary History of the OE and in T. Papademetriou's Render Unto the Sultan, as well as in the biography of Joseph Nasi by C. Rhodes) but little beyond that and most importantly little in terms of numbers or break down of the fiscal income from different sources (direct/indirect, farmed/not-farmed).

Does any one know where I can find this sort of information?

PS: non-English references are welcome


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Apr 2015
"An Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1914" in two volumes, edited by Halil İnalcık and Donald Quataert, published by Cambridge University Press in 1994.


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Nov 2010
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the book recommended by Tsar is probably the best in English for what you are looking for.

Some tables from that book you can also find in this thread

By non-english references Turkish can also come? Some of the Ottoman central gov's yearly budgets are published in articles and also available online from the period, those going in great detail about the incomes by source and expenses

for example

Halil Sahillioğlu: 1524 - 1525 Osmanlı Bütçesi

some by Ömer Lütfi Barkan:

H. 933-934 (M. 1527- 1528) Mali yılına ait bir “bütçe” örneği

954-955 (1547-1548) Mali Yılına Ait Bir Osmanlı Bütçesi

H. 974-975 (1567-1568) Mali Yılına Ait Bir Osmanlı Bütçesi

1070-1071 (1660-1661) Tarihli Osmanlı Bütçesi ve Bir Mukayese

1079-1080 (1669-1670) Malî Yılına Ait Bir Osmanlı Bütçesi ve Ek'leri

Hans Georg Majer: Fatih Sultan Mehmed Zamanında Bir Osmanlı Bütçesi (Çev: Samira Kortantamer)

(original of this is in German: Hans Georg Majer "Ein osmanisches Budget aus der Zeit Mehmeds des Eroberes", Der Islam vol. 59 (1982)
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