Looking for Books on African Religion

Feb 2017
Got me-self a nice little kobo gift card for Christmas and am hoping to find something like a comprehensive overview on African religions.

Ideally the more detail, and the more advanced the better, but hoping to get something with some breadth.

So far searching has pulled up a lot of general African history, but not much on religion specifically.


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Dec 2015
I can't give you specific titles, but your best place to start is in Voodoo/Voudun. Despite stereotypes, the religion is deceptively formal and complex despite appearances, and out of all the African religions it has some of the better scholarship since it's a diaspora religion. The Yoruba religion is also well-documented into its philosophy and cosmology.
Jan 2018
As Pedro posted, "Encyclopedia of African Religion" is a complete book, people should use it to modify Wikipedia articles. Also at the end of the book, there is a big bibliography that can direct you if you want new books.

But for Vodun, I will tell you to be vigilant, some books are just absolute crap about "magic" and don't really talk about Vodun. Zombies, love/hate potions, dolls and the like don't represent Vodun.

Also, there is a lot of unconsciously-eurocentric "scholars" who believe Vodun has been created in Haiti.

Now, there are books that I like :

Possession, ecstasy and Laws in Ewe Voodoo

The Handbook of Yoruba religious concepts

Death and the Invisible Powers: The World of Kongo Belief

Thy Name is Vodun: Conversations with MamiWataPriestess