Looking for demographic info of Yerba Buena (San Francisco), California, 1820s-40s

Sep 2018
Can anyone help provide information on the population of Yerba Buena (modern day San Francisco, CA) during the period of Mexican rule? I would appreciate it. I am interested in things such as overall population size, and nationality/gender/occupation breakdown.

Here is one report which gives some idea of the population in the early 1830s:

W. Davis, an East Coast captain, describes Yerba Buena Cove in 1833:
"We anchored in a cove known as Yerba Buena. Telegraph Hill was then called Loma Alto. At that time there were some half dozen barks from Atlantic ports trading along the California coast, Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands. All that time, Captain Mariano G. Vallejo, later General Vallejo, was in command of the Presidio. The population of the post was about two hundred and fifty men, women and children. The soldiers were Spanish, and all vaqueros. At that time Captain Vallejo had recently married Donna Francisca Benicia Carrillo. Fort Point was then garrisoned and known as Punta de Castillo, or Castle Point. A small number of foreigners were living near the post, among them Captain William A. Richardson, who owned the Sausalito ranch, and who was married to the daughter of the late Captain Ygnacio Martinez, who had been in charge of the Presidio post preceding Captain Vallejo, John Read of Ireland, owner of the Read ranch adjoining the Sausalito ranch, Tim Murphy and James Black, the latter of Scotland."
Source: Yerba Buena Cove - FoundSF