Looking for some interesting historical discussions

Mar 2017
Hi all,

Nice to be here...been lurking for quite some time especially for research.

I'm Stratego and I am looking for some interesting historical discussion.
Hope to find it here...If not, please say so and I will carry on and not bother you anymore :lol:

Kind regards,
Mar 2017
Greetings from the U.S. Andy/BRN4327
It seems that you and I are here for the same reason(s),to find,understand, and learn.
What part of history are you looking into? What era? Me? Not so much the bibical teachings as much as more the lay of the land /survey/elevations ect. By trade I work in the construction field. So long story short I have found many things in the Bible survey/canal's, loch's/locks,/bar's and gates(the 12 gates to the Heaven) Interesting stuff,if you are open to the disscussion,or to further your search,and disscussion ? Feel free to contact me. And thank's for your time.
Mar 2017
Hi Andy,
Pleased to meet you.
I've been on the ACG forum for the past 12 years - and a moderator there for 5 years - but the forum has sadly lost its appeal and interest in pure historical matters.
Actually any historical period interests me...although my expertize lies with the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Currently I'm investigating possible alternate scnerio's in World history.
I'll be lurking around here and see what's going on.

Catch ya later...


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You can go to each subforum and search by most stars voted. Here is the main page for the forums.

You have to go to each subforum. (I can not figure out how to do this for all subforums at once). Once you click on each subforum there is a column labeled as ratings. Click on that column and it will rearrange by number of stars voted.

I selected some of the most popular subforums for you.

General History
European History
Ancient History

Lord Oda Nobunaga

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You've found them?

I suppose any conversation can be interesting. Depends on your tastes and types of conversations.


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I just click on "New Posts". That collects and displays the latest posting for threads from every forum. I think it a marvelous way to "feel" the member's interests as they flow. You may find yourself reading threads that you might not otherwise have visited. While the site does have some really good specialists, many more are generalists. By that I mean, member's whose interests and knowledge base extends over a much wider field.