looking for written documents from Christian church writers from 90AD-300 AD

Jul 2019

I am looking for any written documents or historical documents produced by members of the Christian Church between 90 Ad-300 AD. I am specifically looking for quotes that talk about Christians meeting up on Sunday and what they did on that day.

Thank you
Jan 2015
The Gospel of John, along with the three epistles of John and also Revelation, are all considered to have been written in the last decade of the first century. But I'm not sure if you'll be able to find any references to meeting up on Sunday in those writings.
Jul 2019
New Jersey
Well, your major body of primary sources would be all compiled here. Since that set of books is in the public domain, you should have no problem finding a pdf version online. Happy hunting!


Ad Honorem
Jun 2012
This is available to read online - "Sabbath and Sunday among the Earliest Christians", by David W. T. Brattston.