Losses of the RAF in 1939-1940

May 2017
Hello everybody and dear specialists;can we know the losses of the RAF during the two campaigns of 1940 ?
-Battle of France:may and june 1940 ?
-Battle of England:july-december 1940 ?
With,if it is possible,the distinction destroyed,damaged,accidents ?
Oct 2015
According to the Royal Air Force official history, the British Air Force in France (including the Advanced Air Striking Force - from Bomber Command) lost 508 aircraft in May-June 1940. The Home Commands (Fighter Command, Bomber Command, Coastal Command) lost 451. Total 959.

The same source says between 10July-31 October 1940, 915 aircraft were lost (presumably from Fighter Command).
Oct 2015
The same source indicates that the UK was producing over 1,600 planes per month in the summer of 1940. Loss and exhaustion of pilots was potentially a bigger problem.


Ad Honorem
Jul 2009
^^ Speaking of loss of pilots (and air crew), the Luftwaffe began the BoB with around 2600 aircraft - bombers and fighters. The losses according to Wiki (not sure of the source, but they are broken down by type and numbers) were 1,977 aircraft and 3,510 pilots and aircrew KIA, missing and POWs. That is a lot of trained and experienced personnel to make up for.