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Dec 2018
Caught a couple episodes
the Milton Sharp Ep.
and the Ruggles Brothers

First thing I noticed in the Milton Sharp episode is the direction they went looking UPHILL, doubt very much they would of dragged 2 strongboxes full of gold uphill to that cabin after the robbery, I personally would of started in the opposite direction, downhill. Probably found by locals and quietly spent, probably not worth effort, pretty pi*s poor reasoning, effort and tracking by hosts though.

Second thing I noticed in the Ruggles Brother epp. is that the host says the two brothers would of headed in the same direction, not necessarily true, One brother had a face and chest full of buckshot, my guess is that his first thought was to head towards a water source to clean the blood and sh*t out of his eyes, face and chest., not the planned direction of escape.
With the other brother heading in a beeline probably by horseback most likely for his Uncles where he was captured. Redding? I would draw a straight line from robbery site to Redding and check under every rock, starting outside of Redding where the Uncle lived into the woods, that is if I was interested in looking for the so-called stache. He wouldn't of put it in a pond, maybe next to a pond , though. The guy in the Bar was probably right, probably found by locals and quietly spent. maybe 5% chance something is still there. Probably not worth the effort, pretty pi*s poor reasoning, effort and tracking by hosts though. Not entirely sure of story though, In story the brother leaves his brother at the robbery site thinking he was dead and goes on his own. Official story in doubt. still say if any loot is left it is probably outside of Redding though.

If your going to wear cowboy hats, at least be able to track. Your making cowboys look bad.

looks like they got the tools, and backing
eventually they might hit on something, then again, maybe not

Lord Baltimore


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Dec 2018
Still thought the shows were interesting though, not a lot out there about California Highwaymen, just thought there could of been a bit more research done on the subjects, or at least a bit better speculative analytics, not all nuggets are gold, but wouldn't mind seeing one of these shows actually finding something, though. Instead of tin cans and bottle caps, figuratively and literally.

Such as a detailed Topo analysis of the possible locations of "the Sharp Cabin". Multiple ideas on possible escape routes etc.

As far as the Ruggles Brother, I think the uncle was probably more important in the story, but no information was given on uncles house location, or Uncle for that matter.

I would probably include a few horses in the tracking, can't wear a cowboy hat without a horse : ) probably make for better TV.
besides that was the mode of transportation at the time, eyes 10 feet, off the ground might see an area completely different than someone with eyes 5 feet off the ground, while scouting.
It would be my guess that more than a few things were buried in spots where the horses were getting a rest. :think: You would be off your horse with nothing to do, "hey that would be a good spot to bury that gold":lol: Might make for a better hook to sell the show too.

Who's next Black Bart?
I wonder if anyone on these types of shows has ever found anything and decided not to disclose it, on or off camera?

Do enjoy the metal detector shows though, usually the better shows are just scouted locations with no "large treasure" expectations. At least they come up with something. Although I'm always looking for the "possible plant" or the "Salting" on the shows, still pretty interesting. Most seem pretty legit.

Diggers can be educational and entertaining

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Dec 2018
99.9 times out of 100 those "SPECIFIC TREASURE HUNTER" type of shows end a Geraldo's Vault.
The proverbial can "a" corn hole.
Unless Your The Best
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May 2015
Schertz ,Tx
I watched the latest one on last night. It was interesting, but if i was to bury gold, it would be some place were I could get to it easily. I think the native american man is correct. I think the gold buried by that steam boat captain was retrieved and is long gone. I don't think he was lying. They acted like they wanted to find it so bad, didn't even want to consider any other explanation.