Louis XIV The Sun King Documentary

Sep 2013
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I enjoyed the video greatly. It helped my simple mind see things better from the French perspective.

That said, you may want to clarify (even correct) the segment about the competing claims for the Spanish throne that resulted in the War of the Spanish Succession. The first partition treaty stipulated that on the death of Charles II of Spain, Prince Joseph Ferdinand, son of the elector of Bavaria, should inherit Spain and the Spanish colonies. This treaty was considered void when the primary claimant, Prince Joseph Ferdinand died in 1699 before the sickly Charles II of Spain. After Prince Joseph Ferdinand's death, things get very confusing.

Below is a link that helps explain the complicated hereditary claims:

War of the Spanish Succession | Definition, Combatants, & Outcome

Here is a graph that would help viewers understand the relationship of the claimants to Charles II of Spain:

war of Spanish Succession.jpg

(I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the above information, however.)

Thank you, again, for taking on this interesting documentary.

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Jan 2017
Pretty good , Louis was a towering figure in the second half of the 17th century Europe
he created a model of monarchy that all Dynasts regarded with envy and dread

When in the first week of September 1715 King Frederick "in Prussia" entered his council with the words " the king is dead "
there was no need to ask which king ..in every courtier mind , there was only one

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