low Rajput population of Punjab and Haryana.

Jan 2019
We are found mainly in hoshiarpur district and Gurdaspur district and in ropar/mohali /anandpur sahib these districts border Himachal Pradesh Una district of Himachal Pradesh has a VERY high Rajput population, and you should know before 1965 haryana and Himachal Pradesh were part of Punjab.
The only real Rajputs in Punjab are Katoch and Bhatis who are of Himachali and Rajasthani ancestry respectively. The rest are of dubious origin.


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
You spread this unsourced rubbish theory every time. Traditional occupation of Khatris is silk-weaving, not land-owning or ruling.
History of the ancient Silk Weaving art by Khatri Community of India
If you're going to spread nonsense then at least give me some examples of Khatri kings and rulers.
You are discounting the defeats suffered by Punjab 'Kshatriyas' at the hands of foreign invaders since the time of Persians (Darius I, Darius the Great)and Alexander. After the Persians and Greeks, the Scythians, the Kushanas, the Huns and finally the Muslims. After that, they remained 'Kshatriyas' (i.e., 'Khatris') only in name and had to adopt various trades as their professions. That is the origin of their caste name. If you differ with that view, it is OK with me, but I will go along with mine.