Luftwaffe's biggest mistakes?


Nov 2015
I almost forgot that in Russia under the guise of training fees was held hidden mobilization in April-May 1941. And 802 thousand reservists were called up to the Red Army. This accounted for 24% of the assigned personnel for the MP-41 mobilization plan. The bulk of them was sent to the western military districts.


Ad Honorem
Feb 2012
Does this mean that the Russians were confident in 1940 that the Germans were not going to attack them?
The 1938 Non-Aggression Pact. Russia was very keen to keep the Third Reich on-side because Germany was supporting industrial growth in Soviet Russia in return for resources. Also because the Russians knew that Nazi military strength was increasing and that the Third Reich had expanded very quickly. Were they secure in this attitude? No, probably not, given Hitler had long argued that the future of his empire lay in lebensraum in the east. But even with warnings from western intelligence that Hitler was preparing an offensive in 1941, Stalin thought it was merely a western trick.