Macedonia has Officially Changed its Name

Mar 2013
I think that southern Paeonia to north of ancient Macedonia was annexed by Phillip II and it is in today's slavic Macedonia. Map you posted is a nucleus of Macedonia before Phillip''s and Alexander's conquests in all directions. They also did some northern and western land acquisitions although they were not far reaching. They preferred peaceful border with Illyrians.
The original habitat of the Macedonians who started all these conquests was entirely in Northern Greece. It is irrelevant what the connotation of was Macedonia after conquests. In the same line of thought the Greeks could rename the north part of their country Persia because it was conquered by the Persians. Or Albania could be renamed Macedonia just because it was part of the Roman administrative region of Macedonia as well. It is a far stretch to name the Albanians Macedonians for this reason.

The Slavs of the region of Macedonia are very much attached to the 19th century concept of Macedonia, which is based on a map of a German historian. Their self-identification has been greatly influenced by this geographical connotation.

The name Macedonia survived because of the Greek literary tradition which has a continuous documentation since antiquity. It is the only language which has been spoken continuously since antiquity in the region of Macedonia. Without it, the term Macedonia would probably not have survived in the first place.

There is reason enough for the Greeks to feel robbed of their heritage. But the Macedonian Slavs didn't use that name over night either (although they received a great boost during Tito's reign). Let's hope that this treaty will do more good than bad.
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Apr 2015
You Devdas being from India and knowing from your own history the truth about Alexander's Indian Campaign to Seleucid Empire and the Indo-Greek kingdoms established there, cannot be fooled about it! You would be surprised however how many people are misled and fall victims to this ridiculous propaganda.
Unfortunately this is the paranoia we have to deal with, due to ignorance around the world that exists!
Lot many countries would have to change or 'rather say' falsify their history to accommodate Macedonian version of history and nationalism. We Indians have always known Alexander as a Yavana(Greek).