Maharani Kotarani of Kashmir


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Nov 2012
She is recognized as a last Hindu ruler of the state. [ame=]Kota Rani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

This story seems far fetched that a royal family can be so gullible that it appoints the very Turks who invaded the province during Lalitaditya's times and gave them lands. Further kings abdicating without any proper reasons and the whole Brahminical elite accepting a woman as Queen without any contention. Then the ease with which a Tibetan comes and kills a king, makes his son an administrator (Ravanchandra name seems weird), marries the daughter. Rinchan dies. She marries Udayanadeva and then he too dies. She takes the throne for her son with Rinchan(not Udayan). Rinchan has already converted to Islam before his death yet no revolt from populace.

Her minister Bhatta comes. He is killed by a Muslim courtier of Rinchan named Shahmir pretending to be ill. He forces Kotarani to marry him. She commits suicide. This is the same lady who stood up to a Turkish invasion a decade before this time when her father had died!!!!

Nothing is known of her sons. And it seems Kashmiris who were Hindu majority simply saw Muslim priests from Iran and Iraq come in and preach Sufism doing nothing all this while.

Further it goes on to say
"The defeat to Shahmir upset her and seeing the indifference of the Hindu grandees and general public, she stabbed herself to death, because Shah Mir wanted to marry her. Her death in 1339 paved the way for the establishment of Shah miri dynasty rule in Kashmir."

No revolt from a Hindu general, no attempt at a return. Nothing they just fall like nine pins. I would like to know more on Kotarani from the posters here and if there is more to this story than the typical rightwing victimhood propoganda. It seems way too far fetched. This was the same land that had crushed the Turks and even Afghans a century ago.
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Jun 2014
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In tumultuous times, strange things happen. I have not studied Kashmir History. Perhaps Kashmir by that time had a large number of Muslims, though Hindus certainly made up the majority..
Jan 2019
Unfortunately, there seems to be very little reading on Kota Rani online and most of the books and journals on the topic I can find only provide a passing mention.