! Malta EU !

Hello every1

I have a presentation about Malta ,, i mean after it joined the EU membership .

I have to say :

1- the reasons why they chose to ably for membership.
2- the problems during the negotiations .
3- freedom.
4- what they did after membership.

plz i want it in a very simple way ..

plz help me :(


Historum Emeritas
Jul 2006
Only if you contribute to other discussions. So many people join, ask for help then stop posting.


Historum Emeritas
Jul 2006
So many idiots come here asking us to do their homework for them. We'll give hints, relevant books and links to useful sites but we're not an essay writing service.


Ad Honorem
Sep 2007
What's Maltese?:

A: This Gaza thing might bring about bad results for Malta. You know, our language is very close to Arabic and it's the very time we made clear we are very European and have nothing to do with Arabs. We should support Israel.

B: Hebrew is a Semitic language too!

A: Well, Jews look more European and they are rich you know, like our president declared that Europe must go back to its Christian roots and welcome our European traditions again.

B: Go away!

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