Maltepe - no analogue in the world

Aug 2019
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Maltepe - no analogue in the world: What secrets is the ancient mound near Plovdiv? An 8-storey Roman tower, buried in the ancient Maltepe Mound near the Plovdiv village of Manole, is the only one of its size in the world. The tower is of stone construction Archaeologists have reached a depth of about 15 meters, leaving them another 4 meters to the base.
According to excavation manager Konstantin Kisyov, the entire southern wall will be revealed by the end of October. The weight of the tower is about 1,200 tonnes. “There was a pedestal in 5 rows at the top of the top, weighing nearly 15 tonnes. At the top was mounted a statue for which no fragments were found. The purpose of the tower is to hold the pedestal, along with the statue. ”But who she was, is still unknown. For the time being, no one can say for sure what there is in the recently discovered huge gallery away from the tower. According to archaeologists, this could be the tomb of an emperor or a Thracian king. The team of archeologists has found that the gallery is about 15 meters underground. It is expected that more details will become clear when the entrance to this unique facility is discovered. The archaeological materials discovered so far - coins, earthenware and marble architectural elements, date the construction of the tower and the erection of the tombstone in the period II - III AD.
Among the new discoveries are broken into pieces a capitol from a colonnade with columns that are supposed to have been 3.8 meters high and supporting a 20-meter tower. At its top were stone blocks weighing 50 tons.
It is alleged that they held a statue that Kisyov hopes to find in ongoing investigations