Mamelukes vs Western Knights, Which One Adopted Which Horse Armors Before The Other ? Which One Had Superior Training ?

May 2018
Mamelukes used horse armors before kngihts,Mamluks superior training than Knights.
Bahri Mamluks one of most tough soldier cast in history.
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Dec 2013
Two questions.
To my understanding Mamelukes did not adopt horse armour as it was common military technology used in their environment - it was in use before them, during their time and used by them. Here's an article found online written by David Nicolle which may be helpful (I can't assess the quality of the article, but it is a starting point):

The training question is a bit hard to answer as you do not specify which kind of training you are referring to.
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Jul 2018
This is what I thought.
I have to prove this to a group of people do you have any sources ?
Also when do you think knights adopted horse armor and what did they start with ? Chain mail ?
Jul 2018
Also thank you ultrapampers for the response. I am asking which one was the superb horsemen or what were their advantage over each other ?
I heard Mamelukes defeated crusaders a lot of times in 5th and 7th crusades.
But I cannot say were the Frank armies defeated in fair battles or ambushes.

I know that Mamelukes were better at skirmishing for example.


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Nov 2010
What is a 'western knight'? Where did he live? When did he live? And what did he wear? And while we are at it, who trained him?


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Mar 2013
The starting Mamluk caste were completely warriors and trained and fought most of their lives. Usually purchased to be slave soldiers due to already have some riding skills and being known for hardiness and ferocity they were implacable fighters universally trained to a very high standard. That standard quickly declined after defeating the Mongols and within a couple of generations, Mamluks much more closely resembled a typical western knight in that their skills depended a lot on the particular circumstances and ranged from poor to very high quality but the main thing is the quality varied hugely.

So for most of the time Mamluks existed I would say they were similar to knights but due to the unique way Mamluk caste started they had a very high fighting quality better than most other soldiers for a relatively brief time period of perhaps 30-40 years.
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Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
The Kurds were the best Middle Eastern heavy cavalry, not the Mamluks. Their tactics and equipment were very similar to those of their western counterparts.