Manchurian separatism/monarchism between 1917-1931?

May 2019
Between 1912-1917 there were several plots and political factions in China which advocated either for restoring the Qing monarchy or for Manchurian separatism under a monarchist regime. Most of these schemes were influenced by Japanese military figures working to further their own interests in Manchuria. For example in 1912 and 1916 there were plots involving members of the Royalist Party (notably Shanqi) to create monarchist regimes in Manchuria/Inner Mongolia with Japanese support. And then of course in 1917 there was Zhang Xun's short-lived attempt to restore the monarchy in Beijing.

What I don't know, though, are any details about monarchist or Manchurian separatist plots after 1917, and before the creation of Manchukuo. Shanqi lived until 1922, and I know there were other Manchu monarchists around up to the 1930s, for example Puwei (not to be confused with Puyi). Can anyone shed some light on any activities by Manchurian monarchists or separatists between 1917-1931? Or did these sorts of plots die down after 1917 and not resurface until the Japanese invasion of Manchuria?