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Mar 2014

I am not sure if this is the right forum but I really hope I can get some assistance!

I am currently completing an essay on the movie Marie Antoinette. There is a specific scene in the movie that I am studying, however, I cannot seem to figure out where this scene was shot. I have added a picture.

The movie makes it seem that Marie Antoinette is in the Petit Trianon, However, it does not look like this room was in the Petit Trianon. In addition I know that the Petit Trianon was built in the style in between Rococo and Neoclassism, however, the room looks like more straight rococo.

I know that the movie was also shot at Vaux-le-Vicomte, Château de Chantilly, Hôtel de Soubise and at the Belvedere in Vienna, However, I for some reason just cannot find this powder blue room!!

If anyone could tell me what building this scene was shot in and what specific room, I would be forever grateful!!

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A member in here called Axel might know something about that movie. He pretty much know all the films and books about Marie Antoinette. He has also written blogs about her that you might find interesting.


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There are many stately homes in Europe so it could be anywhere in France, if they go out of France then the possibilities are endless but I imagine they kept the film true to location so it's most likely to be in France or Austria. The portraits at the back appear to show Marie Antoinette in one, tho they're hard to see properly. The best bet is to try and find as much detail about the film shooting locations as possible and then try to narrow down your search to those particular locations. Details about the film, rather than architectural history, will be of more value imho, unless this is a particularly famous room.

Marie Antoinette (2006) - Filming Locations - IMDb

It is a very pretty room.
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I found this site because I was curious about this location too, but have come to the conclusion that it was a set as Tercios Espanoles suggested.

You are correct, Versaillesgirl, there is no such room at Versailles or the Trianons. I thought it might be at Chantilly but I couldn't find anything online remotely like this there either.

A bit of trivia: they never filmed any scenes in Vienna. The exterior of what was the palace in which the early scenes were set, was a CGI composite of the Belvedere and Vaux-le-Vicomte. If you examine it, you can see which parts belong to which building. The room in which Marie Antoinette meets with Maria Theresa was actually the Galerie Doree of the Banque de France (formerly Hotel de Toulouse) in Paris.
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Correction: the blue and white room in Marie Antoinette is not a set but is a small gallery adjoining a salon at the chateau de Pontchartrain! I found a photo on Getty Images.

More trivia: scenes were also shot at the chateau de Millemont and hotel de Soubise but they are not credited at the end of the movie. At Millemont they actually built replicas of Marie Antoinette's bedroom and blue cabinet as the furnishings in the original rooms were too fragile to be used.
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