Marilyn Monroe´s death - suicide or homicide?


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Sep 2012
The US is a hotbed of exploitation of the vulnerable and the immature innocent. This woman had the great misfortune of being lovely, in love with a rising and influential politician and hemmed in by her drug-dependent habits. What else could have happened in a ' winner-takes-all ' society?
Sep 2018
What a nasty thing to say about a woman who had serious mental health problems and a childhood of severe abuse and neglect :sad:
Or about any woman for that matter
You didn't understand my comment,, friend.

''she was used, manipulated, and disposed of...'

BTW - i've watch her many films ,,, have you..?

Nov 2016
A merely fictional scene on the day before Marilyn´s death:


You´re mad. This idea is ridiculous.

Not at all. The risks are minimal. People will say that she committed suicide since she suffered depressions because of getting older and because of her divorce from Miller, and that her career was fading, and that she got confused and mentally damaged through the psychotropic drugs she took abundantly, and through those ******* psychoanalytical sessions with you.

(he grins)

You bastard. My career will be destroyed.

That´s very improbable, but it certainly will be if you don´t do me the favor of sending her to the happy hunting grounds.

You bastard. I´m still loving her.

Blah blah blah... I´m loving her, too, whatever that means, but what I love more is my and my brother´s careers which would be ****ed up if Marilyn divulges something about the red diary.

That diary containing dirty stuff about the Kennedys, yeah...

Now? Are you prepared to give her the injection I´m asking you for?

But will some people not say that she had absolutely no reasons for suicide? That her career wasn´t fading at all, but was back on track after moving to L.A.? That her last weeks before her... ah, death were perhaps the happiest of her life? That she had just bought her first house and was refurbishing it? That her face had just adorned the covers of such magazines as ´Life´ and ´Paris-Match´? That Fox had rehired her so that she could have started working only few days after her... ah, death? That her last films were real box-office hits? So that she had absolutely no motif for committing suicide?

Some gossip will go around, maybe, but what of it? We´ll arrange for the suicide explanation, moreover, no evidence of murder -

Not this word!

Sorry, of a violent death will be traceable.

From your lips to God´s ears! By the way, how does all this agree with your strong faith in God?

That´s my problem, not yours, a damn atheist as you are. So we have a deal?

Give me five minutes to think about it.

(looking at his watch)
Time is ticking now.
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