Maritime History of Africa

Apr 2014
Well today Somalia has a lot of problems but we are more stable than Iraq or libya
Our governement controlcontrol 90% of the country
Just 5 years ago the gov controlled only the capital but now the situation has improved
I think Somalia Is not a failed state anymore cause we are Improving a lot

Before the civil war Somalia was one of the most organized state on Africa. ..
My father always talk about Siyad Barre. My Grandfather was a colonel in army. Have you been there?
Jun 2014
Apart from wikipedia there isn't really any more information on this, unfortunately.
yes...but Ibn battuta travels describe very well the somali civilization of the middle ages,and the travels book "Periplus maris erythraei" there is a very good description of the somali civilaziotion in the ancient times

and portoguese travelers also describe the somali and swahili civilization in the 16th and 17th centuries

so our information on somALIA are mainly from travelers who visited the country.....
Jun 2014
the portoguese travelr Cristovao da Gama son of Vasco da Gama,was wounded and died after a battle against the somali army led by Imam Ahmed Guray who invaded and occupied ethiopia for almost 40 years in the 16th century
the portoguese tried o help the Ethiopian Christian empire there

Cristóvão da Gama (c. 1516 – 29 August 1542) was a [ame=""]Portuguese[/ame] military commander who led a Portuguese army of 400 musketeers on a crusade in [ame=""]Ethiopia[/ame] and [ame=""]Somalia[/ame] (1541–1543) against the far larger [ame=""]Somali[/ame] Muslim army of [ame=""]Imam[/ame] Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi (also known as Ahmad Gurey) aided by the [ame=""]Ottoman Empire[/ame]. He (along with the allied Ethiopian army) was victorious against larger forces in four battles, but was seriously wounded in his last battle, after which he was captured and eventually executed.


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Feb 2012
Most people only know of Somalia because of civil war and terrorism (still a huge problem I'm afraid), oh and of course piracy.

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